Andrea K Hendrickson


Andrea K Hendrickson is an interdisciplinary artist whose work oscillates between performance, music, installation, and painting. Her current line of inquiry has led her to the intersection of sports, culture, and society, and she is investigating the sociological and philosophical aspects of sports participation and fandom. Her work has been exhibited nationally at the Observatory in Brooklyn, NY; the Richmond Art Center in Richmond, CA; the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, AB Gallery, MK Gallery, and Gallery Go Go in Portland, OR. Her performances have been featured at Schroeder Romero & Shredder in New York, NY; The Marsh in San Francisco, CA and XChurch in Portland, OR. She has collaborated on short films that have been official selections of the Athens Film Festival and the Fungi Film Fest in Portland, OR. Andrea received her BA in Art and Music at Bennington College, VT and her MFA in Studio Practice at Portland State University. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

Artist Statement

My work is propelled by threads of inquiry that spur new nodes of research. My questions revolve around an axis of curiosity, cynicism, fascination, and a need to understand the social systems that shape our lives on micro and macro levels. I examine these queries through text, conversation, and material exploration, processes that facilitate time and space to problem solve, ideate, conceptualize, and think. I draw from sociological and philosophical frameworks to respond to investigations that center on the ways in which we intersect, include, and exclude as human beings. The core of my work is sustained by my writing practice, which I use to explore my personal relationship to the topics I am studying. My current work focuses on my relationship with sports, namely American football.


Photo: Mai Ide

Self-Portrait, Basement Apartment
Acrylic on Canvas
27 in x 34 in


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