Procrastination Station
Multimedia installation
The Procrastination Station was a multimedia installation that aimed to destigmatize procrastination, a term associated with  social conventions and constructs of lateness, laziness, inneficiency, disorganization, and failure. This installation honors the act of procrastination as an art, asking viewers to consider new meanings of the term, such as pride, achievement, and joy. Blank “Certificates of Procrastination”, pens, and gold stickers were provided so that viewers could fill out and take home their own certificates, mementos of personal procrastination achievements and successes . On display was a comic panel created in the style of a New Yorker cartoon along with several framed printouts of personal missed deadlines notifications as well as a traffic violation. A collaborative video project looped on a screen, an example of my own relationship to procrastination, as it took me five years to edit and complete the project.

Print, fill out, and display your own Certificate of Procrastination.

Process Photo (upper left): Julia Sodré
*photo taken within an hour of the show’s opening

Installation Photos: Mario Gallucci

©Andrea K Hendrickson, 2023